Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tales of the Bearded Toad: 7 Parts: A Collaboration

I read a number of great blogs about writing and I recently took part in a collaboration proposed by Brandon. The end results of the collaboration can be read here, Tales of the Bearded Toad: 7 Parts: A Collaboration. Now it's not science fiction, but it is quite an interesting piece of work to say several different authors each did about 140 words without knowing where it would eventually take us.

For anyone who's never tried writing short fiction (which included me about a week ago) it's worth a visit to read and also to check out a lot of the cool links Brandon has.

I claimed my blog

I claimed this blog via Technorati. It seems to me that the social revolution taking place right now will have implications that most of us can't even begin to consider.

As a science fiction fan, I'm tempted to say that we will truly become the Borg, as a collective controlled by a Queen consciousness. Eurgh, what a chilling thought.

Big Brother, 1984, here we come. Who am I kidding, we're already there.

P.S. I've now done what Technorati told me to do and removed my posting code for them to spider. See - no technology is going to control me!

I started a new blog today

I've signed up for this blogger blog. I have another, hosted elsewhere, which I've been posting to for a few months now, but I've finally succumbed to the lure of the free hosting via blogger. This one's for all my stuff about science fiction, including the short science fiction stories I'll be writing.

You hear a lot about what's good with blogger and what's bad, but you certainly can't ignore it. And if nothing else it will teach me what's good and bad about blogger so I can form my own opinion of it.

There'll be lots of 'stuff' about science fiction on here. I hope we find room for some of the quirky stuff, too, because science fiction is a broad church and it's only going to keep on expanding - a bit like the universe and my waistline.

If you want to check out my other blog, about writing and my thoughts, you can visit it at